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Our Story

Our Story

Why did you start your business?

We started this business for one reason and one reason only…To give our community the opportunity to live a safer/healthier lifestyle starting with their carpets.Did you know that 90% of all allergies in your home are caused by improper cleaning methods. Your carpet works like a filter and without proper cleaning it allows dirt,dust particles and even dust mites into the air you breath.Carpet cleaning is very important .Our one of a kind baby-safe/non-allergenic cleaning methods will have you talking about Courteous Carpet Care.Why wait?Call Today.

What makes you different than other similar businesses in your community?

Our goals that we set when entering each and every home.Our goals are Customer Satisfaction/Low Prices/and knowing that we have informed you of all of our services offered to make your home or place of business a cleaner/healthier environment .Residue-free and baby safe equals every thing Courteous Carpet Care is all about.

What do you like most about your community?

The people of course. Without them spreading the word ,I don’t know how we would of been able to help our community in so many ways.THANK YOU