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Photo profile showing one of the Owner and operators of Courteous Carpet Care.

Hi! I’m Jerry Lawson with Courteous Carpet Care. The main reason I decided to start this business was to give our children and the community an opportunity to live a safer/healthier lifestyle starting with their carpets. Here’s a little about us.

Courteous Carpet Care is located in Caddo Mills, Tx. Our operation is family owned and operated. The company is ran by my wife and I. We run the business the old fashioned way because customer service and word of mouth go a long way in our community. Besides we wouldn’t want it any other way. Here we specialize in a vast verity of cleaning services other than just carpet cleaning. For more information please visit our services offered page or just –>.Contact Page

Courteous Carpet Care

Did you know that 90% of all allergies in your home are caused because improper cleaning methods. Your carpet works like a filter and without proper cleaning it allows dirt, dust particles and even dust mites into the air you breath. And that is why Carpet cleaning is very important to me.

Profile picture of the owners wife.
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Teamwork makes the dream work.

Alright everybody. Please excuse me while I brag a little about someone I tend to hold close to my heart. This is my wife. Her name is Amanda Lawson with Courteous Carpet Care. The real brains behind the operation. We wouldn’t be where we are today if it hadn’t been for her. She has supported our journey into the carpet cleaning business since day one. Amanda has been there thru it all. Because teamwork makes the dream work we are capable of accomplishing anything together.

Our story about us because we care.

Courteous Carpet Care came to be because we both share a similar dream. That dream is to give our children and community the opportunity to live a safer/healthier lifestyle. Growing this business together has been a blessing for both of us. I’m grateful for that because there’s no way I would be able to do it alone.

Who better to have on your side than the mother of your children, My best friend. My wife because she’s the most Irreplaceable, captivating, supportive person I’ve ever laid eyes on. Amanda Lawson thank you for allowing us to make our dreams a reality because we are always better when we work together.

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Amanda Lawson Always remember the one thing I love more than Courteous Carpet Care is YOU, P.S. our mommas and our children too. Oh! Our children’s children and everyone else close to me and you. (Family before work and God before everything JUST BECAUSE!)

Just want to share a few Services Offered by Courteous Carpet Care because sharing is caring.

Residential Carpet cleaning demonstration of after cleaning was performed.
Were Just hanging out being COURTEOUS while cleaning somebodies dirty CARPET because upon the end of the day we truly CARE.

Americas favorite carpet cleaning superhero is fighting the war on dirt one floor at a time because dirty carpets are no match for Courteous Carpet Care.


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