How to treat Pet Stains

Are pet stains and odors permanent?

How to remove pet stains

We all love our pets. What our clients don’t love is trying to get pet stains and odors out of the carpeting. Even well trained pets can have accidents causing them to become ill or even be frightened and leave their “mark” on the carpet occasionally. But what about the poor homeowner who’s pet is having a hard time being trained hence it refuses to be trained or is just plain territorial? Their carpets could be doomed.

How many carpets are threatened for pet stains?

The American Pet Association has determined that there are about 130,000,000 pets in the United States, many of which are staining our carpets. Once a cat or dog chosen a place to “relieve” themselves they will return there time after time unless the odor is completely removed.

The challenge with complete removal is because many times the pet’s “accident” goes unnoticed and has time to be absorbed into the carpet, into the jute backing, into the padding and then even into the wood sub- flooring beneath. Obviously if the pattern continues, it becomes much more difficult to treat.

Many people have devised methods because many companies have developed sprays or cleaners to eliminate the spots and odors. Sometimes these things will work on the spots, but getting the odor out is another issue. That’s why it’s best to bite the bullet and call a professional.

Pet Odor Removal

If you are aware of a fresh spot:

You need to act quickly to avoid absorption because waiting more than 10 minutes insures that it is in the pad . Absorbing the “urine” away from the carpet can be achieved by either calling Courteous Carpet Care or…

  • Placing a thick, folded cotton towel over the spot.
  • The place between 5-10 pounds of evenly distributed weight on the towel.
  • Leave the towel in place for about 10 minutes.
  • Remove the towel and pour some clean water onto the spot, starting at the edges, moving to the center. This helps prevent the urine from spreading.
  • Wait about 1 minute and repeat the first 2 steps, leaving the towel in place about 1/2 hr.
  • Finally repeat the process of pouring water on the spot. This time you will need to add an equal part of white vinegar to the water.
  • Replace the towel with a fresh one and let it sit overnight. Remove it in the morning and let the carpet dry.
Pet stain and odor removal
Urine pet stain removal

If you have issues with pet stains and odors, give us call, we have an effective method of pet odor control and deodorization. Courteous Carpet Care’s Pet Odor Specialist are waiting to make a difference.

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