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Discounts on All Services.

Discounts are provided by Courteous Carpet Care therefore all of the teachers, nurses, doctors, first responders, military, veterans and senior citizen community will receive 15% Off 

Courteous Carpet Care “Discounts” would like to show our gratitude by saying Thank You.

Discounts by Courteous Carpet Care has always said that a teacher is a person who surrounds their students with inspiration to learn again every day. Thank you for all you do because your hard work and contributions to our students and the community are appreciated.

You guys are the real heroes on earth mainly because you do the things others can not. Thank you for saving lives and all you do for our communities! Each and every day you give your all to the community solely because you want too. Not because you have too. That alone speaks volumes about a persons character.

Courteous Carpet Care wants you to know that you are appreciated and respected. Because we know you didn’t sign up for this, and yet you make countless sacrifices every day to serve our community. For that reason this goes out to all the nurses, doctors, administrators, custodians, therapists, technicians, pharmacists, and everyone else who makes the wheels of the hospital turn daily.

Courteous Carpet Care will forever remember everything you’ve wholeheartedly done for all of us and because that we are humbled and forever indebted to you and your families. We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts because you are the real Hero’s.

Thank You

Thank you first responders

Courteous Carpet Care would like to take a brief moment to say thank you to all the Police, Fire-Fighters, EMT’s, Volunteers, Utility workers and healthcare professionals for all that you are doing. Our community really appreciates everything you do so we can get through our daily lives and return home to our loved ones. Keep up the great work and stay safe.

Discounts for military

Thank you for your service and sacrifices! It is not easy, but we often take the sacrifices our Military takes for granted! All of us at Courteous Carpet Care want to thank you all for every little moment you give of your time, mental health and energy to ensure the majority’s safety. Thanks to all and God Bless the USA.

thank you senior citizens message

Courteous Carpet Care would like to say thank you to all of our senior citizens in the community. One thing we do know is that our seniors are some of the most important figures in our lives.

You guys are our role models. You all guide, inspire, and support us while helping us achieve our academic and career goals. Most importantly, the senior community makes sure we are all equipped for a lifetime of success. May god bless you as you’ve blessed us. Thank you from Courteous Carpet Care.

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