Services Offered

Services offered by Courteous Carpet Care including Carpet cleaning, water restoration, air duct cleaning and tile and grout cleaning services.

Services Offered by Courteous Carpet Care.

Services Listed below are all of Courteous Carpet Care’s services offered. Carpet cleaning and water restoration services are our specialty in addition to other services as well. If you would like to set an appointment please feel free to call us. We are Located in Caddo Mills, Tx. in addition to Serving all of your Rockwall and Hunt County areas as well. Call us because we care.

We apreciate you taking the time to view our services offered because a clean home is a healthy home as well.

Services Offered by Courteous Carpet Care.

Services offered by Courteous Carpet Care
Services you can rely on because we care.

If your Looking for Services offered by your local Carpet Cleaner because you have no idea where to start, your at the right spot therefore shouldn’t have to worry anymore.

Courteous Carpet Care is an individually owned carpet cleaning company that offers a vast selection of floor cleaning and Water Restoration services. The cool thing about our technicians is that they are properly trained to remove even the toughest stains caused by Pet odors from your carpets, airducts or floors. Because we are the pet odor specialist.

Courteous Carpet Care covers a large service area but at the same time we like to keep it local as well. Our services are offered within a twenty five mile radius of Caddo Mills Tx. because it’s our home town. We are Basically Covering both Hunt County and Rockwall County along with a few other counties in-between because keeping it local seems to be the right choice for us. Therefore your is business is important to us.

Let’s talk about our services offered for just a minute.

Services Offered by Courteous Carpet Care.
Services Offered By Courteous Carpet Care because we care

If it’s carpet cleaning services your looking for because an accident occurred or you just need to schedule a routine cleaning. Your in the right place because our residue free carpet cleaning solutions are guaranteed to leave your home or office so fresh and so clean. We only say this because we believe that Residue Free is the key to a cleaner healthier lifestyle making Courteous Carpet Care the company to call.

carpet stretching and repair
Stretching carpet because wrinkles suck.

When carpet cleaning is not the issue because its carpet wrinkles that your worried about Courteous Carpet Care has you covered. Again We’re happy to assist you since the wrinkled areas in your rooms can also be a safety issue as well. It’s no longer necessary to live with these sort of carpet issues anymore because carpet wrinkles can be a sore site to the eyes.

Carpet repair services offered to our clients.

Repairing carpet at Courteous Carpet Care
Carpet Stretching and Repair because we care.

Courteous Carpet Care is highly capable of re-stretching or repairing any and all issues that may of occurred. We are look forward to hearing from you soon because your business would be much appreciated. Worry no more thus all of our carpet stretching and patch repair services are backed with a one year warranty.

Dusty, Dirty air ductsw
Air duct cleaning services offered because we care.

On the up side of things Air Duct Cleaning is another one of Courteous Carpet Care’s specialties. Considered a specialty services offered because Air Duct Cleaners have a very important role when it comes to indoor air quality control. that’s why we take it so seriously. While we are at your home cleaning the vents and registers you should have us look at your dryer vent as well because we sure would hate for a heating element to go out or a fire because a clogged vent.

Services Caused by flooding will lead to Water Damages because mold.

Water extraction and flood restoration
Because we are there when you need us.

Granted your issues are a little more severe in addition to our Water Restoration services. No need to worry because we got you covered there too considering our Emergency Water Extraction and Flood Restoration clean up being top notch services. We are available 24/7 hence we’re there when you need us.

Our services include hard surface cleaning because customers love it.

Tile and Grout Cleaning Mobil site
Cleaning tile and grout thoroughly because we care.

Now moving on to our clients favorite service we offer. Yup! You guessed it. That’s going to be our amazing high pressure Tile and Grout cleaning services mainly because we deep scrub every grout line.. Most customers dream of having sparkling clean grout lines because after all your kitchen and bathroom are your most used areas in the entire house. If you agree look no further because we are here for you.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning
A company you can trust because we care.

Don’t wait another minute. After being informed you should pick up the phone and call Courteous Carpet Care that way you can follow us on the road to another happy customer.

Our goals moving forward are to help our clients live a healthier lifestyle along with a cleaner household hence a clean home equals a happy home.

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Thank you for choosing Courteous Carpet Care because We appreciate you taking the time upon yourselves to view our company page. If there’s anything we can do to improve our services site please feel free to inform us because we truly care.