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Residue Free Carpet Cleaning because it’s the key to a cleaner tomorrow and a healthier today.

Carpet Cleaners everywhere are competing because they want to be the best. Instead of competing with other cleaners, Courteous Carpet Care chooses to take another route by focusing more on customer satisfaction, organic reviews, and keeping it local. It may be the road less traveled but at the same time its possibly the best path to take. We love what we do because we do what we love. Why not share our services with the clients that are closer to home . Come join us as we travel on the road to another happy customer.


Carpet cleaners better watch out because Courteous Carpet Care is Hands Down The Best

I Can Breath Again….Thank You Courteous Carpet Care. My Allergies Are All Gone therefore walking into a cleaner/healthier home sure does make a difference.

Because I’m Happier, in a better mood ,and best of all my wife and kids are noticing a big difference. Who would of ever thought that cleaning your carpet would change life as we know it. THANK YOU COURTEOUS CARPET CARE…July19th,2011 by Justin B. in Heath, Tx.


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