Testimonials and Reviews

Testimonials and Reviews
Testimonials and Reviews for Courteous Carpet Care.

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Customer Reviews for Courteous Carpet Care

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  1. I had my carpets cleaned 2 times and was very happy with the results. He was on time, very friendly and even help me with my garage door (broken). I would recommend and use Courtous Carpets again.

  2. Had my carpet cleaned today. Very satisfied with service and visiting with Jerry. It was
    an overall good experience.
    Will recommend them to friends.

  3. The carpet in the house I just bought was in very bad shape. Aside from not being taken care of by the previous owners and the damage that their pets had done, the harsh heat and humidity caused major wrinkling in every room. I was sceptical if it was too far gone to even fix. Mr Lawson was able to stretch all of them completely out and went above and beyond to patch the areas that had been tourn up by pet clawing. Super nice guy, fair with his prices, did everything he said he would do and more. He even showed up when he said he would. Will definantly use him again. Courteous is right. Thanks Again Jerry!

  4. Beth Cummings

    Our carpet was in bad shape due to a severe odor problem caused by our dog and stains from our two young children. Thanks to Mr. Lawson and his deep-cleaning equipment and enzyme treatment, our carpet is back to life and the smell is gone. Mr. Lawson went above and beyond the competition in hard work and reasonable price, aside from being a very friendly guy. Thanks Courteous Carpet Care

  5. Just want to thank you for helping me out so quickly. I called and explained my situation, a renter moving out and the new renters moving in 3 days later. The carpets were in bad condition and thought I would have to replace 3 rooms of carpet. Jerry was there by noon, the day after I called, and the carpets look better than they ever have. Thank you for being so prompt, doing exactly what you said you would do.

  6. Fay West

    I love this carpet cleaning company. I feel like they provide the BEST service you could ever ask for. They are courteous to your special needs, trustworthy staff and offer suggestions to maintain your carpets. Most other companies would come in, do minimal job, then leave. Courteous Carpet moved furniture without me asking, cleaned up and made sure everything was in order and I was satisfied. They are awesome!!!!

  7. Leslie McMahan

    I had my carpets and couches cleaned and they look amazing! I called and in the same day they came out and had them all cleaned! They took their time and didnt rush at all…I really appreciate all the hard work that was given to my home, and also how friendly they were to me and my children! I would recommend Courteous Carpet Care to anyone! Thanks so much!

  8. Nell Wesch

    One week ago I had a major stain on my carpet that needed attention as soon as possible. I called Courteous Carpet Care on Friday evening and Mr.Lawson came out the next day, right at the time he said he would. He explained everything he needed to do and what he needed to put on the stain to get it out. He did a fantastic job getting the big stain and all other stains out! My carpet is 20yrs old and looks great.
    Thank you so much Jerry. I will recommend Courteous Carpet Care to others and will use them again.

  9. Jerry did a nice job on our carpets and the price was very reasonable. He was in and out in just over an hour. Will use again when needed.

  10. Jeffery Holt

    Thank you so much for the wonderful job on the carpets. You got stuff out I was sure wasn’t coming out. Got paint outta some grout on the tile. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!! Thanks again

  11. Mike Story

    Courteous Carpet Care is a great company.I came home yesterday to a lake in my living room.The technician showed up in less than an hour.He went over the whole procedure with me before starting.When he was done he left leaving me feeling comfortable with my decision to go with Courteous Carpet Care.They were very professional and courteous.I would recommend them to anyone.

  12. Marilyn Jones

    Thank you so much for your conscientious and prompt service. My carpets look and smell wonderfully clean and I am ready to start the holiday season. I recommend your services to all who value fresh, clean carpets.

  13. Deborah D.

    Courteous Carpet Care was awesome. They cleaned my tile,carpet and dryer vent and cleaned them right. The floor is so clean you could eat off of it and my clothes dry so much faster.THANK YOU!

  14. Nicole Condor

    Wow!! With a small dog and two babies under 2, I didnt think my carpet would ever look good again! Now, my carpets look new!! Thank you so much for your amazing service! You will be the ONLY carpet cleaner we ever use!!

  15. 🙂 Thank You for taking the time to review our services. The reply you sent has been gladly apreciated.Our company has been built by customers just like you.Customers like you make us want to try our best by giving our best.It’s the Courteous way.THANK YOU!

  16. Mrs. Scott we are glad to hear from you and look forward to mantaining the floors for years to come.Thank you for the awesome review.

  17. Thank you for a great job. My carpet and tile has not looked this good since we moved in. It was a pleasure doing business with you. You were on time and reasonably priced. I will definitely be a return customer and recommend you to family and friends.

  18. Evelyn Scott

    WoW! The carpet looks and smells great.Courteous Carpet Care did an Awesome job cleaning the carpet. The carpet looks brand new! Very professional & friendly. We will see you real soon.

  19. Susan Huston

    I found Courteous Carpet Care on my cell phone “places” app. Once I spoke with Jerry I knew everything was going to be OK. I was in an urgent situation to have my carpet stretched quickly, inexpensive and done right. He was out early that afternoon. He was so nice and knowledgeable, I put him to work right away. He finished the next morning and I could not be happier with the work and the treatment I received. I will recommend him to everyone around. Thanks so much for what you did for me.

  20. scott bailey

    I have had my carpet and upholstery cleaned once a year with outstanding results for the last three years. A true proffesional with great skill knowledge, thanks Jerry.

  21. Ronnie McDearman

    With Courteous Carpet Care, you do not have to worry about them not showing up like so many other contractors or services out there. Jerry called to confirm the appointment a few days ahead AND called the morning of to let me know when he would arrive. He was VERY knowledgeable about his business and did a great job! We enjoyed talking with him and when he left, we felt we had made a friend. We will definitely call on Courteous Carpet Care again.

  22. Roberts Family

    I needed an area rug cleaned and Jerry helped me out. He was reassuring and very courteous. My big WHITE rug is all new again. Thank you Courteous Carpet Care for making it so easy!

  23. WoW! What an outstanding review. Thank You.

  24. I couldn’t of asked for a better job. Mr. Lawson was outstanding.
    On time,Very courteous,and willing to go the extra mile.
    I had a few pet stains in the living area and one in the back bedroom so I decided to find a local carpet cleaning company.Courteous Carpet Care caught my eye with their Pet Odor Specialist logo so I called. They where able to come out the very next day.
    When Mr. Lawson arrived he asked me a few questions about the carpet and then pulled out a magic light. He had me put on a pair of yellow glasses and turned off the lights.At that time I thought we were going to watch a 3D movie or something.I WAS WRONG! There were about 30 pet stains just in that room.I couldn’t believe it. At first I was Furious. After explaining the situation and the final cost we both came to a reasonable agreement and I decided to let him proceed.Let me tell you! When that man got done cleaning the carpet I couldn’t believe my eyes. The carpet looked new again.All I could think of was the money he saved me. Great Job Courteous Carpet Care!

  25. When a friend with a large dog visited for a week, I thought the carpets would never come clean. Jerry did a great job, and I’m going to have him back before the holidays to keep them that way.

  26. AMAZING JOB!! Very impressed!! Thank you so much for making my home not only look new again but for making it smell so NICE too! We have a puppy and a toddler so you can only imagine what my floors looked like!! I was embarrassed to even have company over, so thank you so much for your service! I will be using you all the time and would highly recommend you company to everyone out there!!!!

  27. Justin Barham

    “I Can Breath Again….Thank You Courteous Carpet Care.My Alergies Are All Gone.Walking into a cleaner/healthier home sure makes a differance .Im Happier,in a better mood ,and best of all my wife and kids are noticeing a big differance.Who would of ever thought that cleaning your carpet would change life as we know it.THANK YOU COURTEOUS CARPET CARE…

  28. Felishia Ybarra

    We purchased a used couch that had pet hair/odor/dander. I tried cleaning it myself, but to no avail. I am very pleased with the results as well as the pricing of the service that Jerry provided us. I am using him again to clean my recliner as well as other rooms in our home. Thanks for your hard work!

  29. Awesome job! The carpet looks great! Very professional & friendly. The name says it all “Courteous” Carpet Care!

  30. McCaw Insurance Agency, Inc.

    Courteous Carpet Care was very professional and did an awesome job. Our carpet has never looked so new and it is over 25 years old. I was very impressed with their knowledge about the different carpet on the market and our carpet in particular. They are very trustworthly and would recommend them to anyone. Thank you so much for diligence and the time you took to do an excellent job.

  31. Randy White

    Thanks Jerry, you did a great job. I look forward to working with you again.

  32. Adeana Shannon

    I had Jerry from Courteous Carpet Care here today to clean my carpets. I am beyond happy with the job they did. Not only do my carpets look amazing but all the product are safe for my kids and pets! I love that Jerry took the time to show me the areas that need extra attention and didn’t price gouge me. Extremely fair pricing and gave me some great tips to help maintain between the yearly cleanings. THANKS JERRY See you again next spring!!!!

  33. Courteous Carpet Care was able to get the job done quickly with the best prices. We have small children and pets — Jerry made sure the solutions he used would be SAFE for our kids. He also took the time to give me tips on ways to maintain our carpet in between cleanings. We have used other carpet cleaning businesses around our area before, and this one is by far THE BEST!!!

  34. John Kirkpatrick

    Our carpet had become loose. It needed streching around the fireplace in the den and down the main hallway. Courteous Carpet Care did a very professional job which included putting in an invisable seam in the hallway. Mr. Lawson knew exactly what to do to correct the problem and I would recommend Courteous Carpet to anyone. Thank you for doing a great job.

  35. John Kirkpatrick

    Our carpet had become loose and was buckled. It needed streching around the fireplace in the den and down the main hallway. Courteous Carpet Care did a very professional job which included putting in an invisable seam in the hallway. Mr.Lawson knew exactly what to do to correct the problem and I would recommend Courteous Carpet to anyone. Thank you for doing a great job.

  36. Caddo Hick

    Jerry always does a great job and it doesn’t hurt the kids or animals. It seems there is never a job too hard for this company. And the smell is great.

  37. Not very many stains can stand a chance to our OSR treatment.That stuff is awesome.Thank you Christina.

  38. It was our pleasure.Thank you for thinking about us when in need,and helping a local carpet cleaner get his name out there.The Roberts family is the best.

  39. Come on now!You got me blushing.That was a very nice thing to say .We appreciate your comments and look forward to seeing you in the future.THANK YOU for letting us clean your carpets.

  40. Mrs. Casey, Thank You for your kind remarks.Carpet cleaning is very important when you have small children and animals under the same roof.We are very great full for the opportunity to serve your family and wish you well.Thank You!

  41. Brian Hughes

    Very professional ,great customer service and one heck of a good carpet cleaner.Courteous Carpet Care saved our carpets.

  42. Christiana

    Wowza, problem solved like it never happeend.Thank You Courteous Carpet Care!!!

  43. Yocum Family

    Thank you for coming to clean our carpets. All my children had a great time entertaining them while they worked. It was nice to have somebody personable that came and understood that dirt happens! :0) With a house full of people we really need a deep clean every once in awhile. Thanks so much!! The Yocum family. P.S. The older boys said hey! and thanks for listening!

  44. It was an honor to service such a nice and compassionate family.The Jaeckle Family is a family like no other.They spend their free time bringing family’s together at the Reunion Ranch right out side of Terrell Tx.It is a fun filled place with lots to do .Your Family will love the hospitality and the the feeling of being right at home.(AGAIN)It was an honor to service such nice people.

  45. Jaeckle Family

    AMAZING!! We had been looking for a good carpet cleaning company for a while we have 2 dogs and a baby on the way, and i was looking for a good deep cleaning of the carpets, so we decided to give Courteous Carpet Care a try.They are so nice to work with when they come in to your home, and we are thrilled with the results! our upstairs looks like new carpet again and it has such a clean smell! I have recommended them to my friends and family!

  46. I would like to say that having you clean our carpet provided me and the kids with so much comfort. You were sincere,honest,and extremely helpful to us, as we are new to town and needed a heads up on everything. The carpets were cleaned to such an extent, that we all felt so much better just living in our new home. I appreciate you and your professionalism and we will see you in about 4-5 months! Thank you again and I love the teamwork involved, it just couldn’t get any better!

  47. Ana Gutierrez

    What a pleasure it is to deal with Jerry! You could not have found a better name to suit your business. Courtesy and honesty! Jerry is definitely someone I would have clean my carpets over and over again! Thank you Courteous Carpet Care!

  48. Mr. Barham it was a pleasure serving you and your family.Your dedication in your family’s health and safety is what Courteous Carpet Care is all about.Im proud to have you as a customer and only wish that more of my customers understood the true meaning of a cleaner/healthier enviroment.THANK YOU

  49. Mr. Echeverria we gladly apriciate your comments posted on our testimonials page and want to remind you about our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with our service give us a call and a technician will be sent out at no charge.Here at Courteous Carpet Care we belive in customer satisfaction.AGAIN! Thank You For Choosing Courteous Carpet Care

  50. william echeverria

    Over the years many carpet cleaning company’s have been through these doors and not one of them took the time to ask me what i wanted.Courteous Carpet Care was different.The technician they sent to my house was very polite and professional.He took the time to walk me thru my home and evaluate the carpet.Then he asked ME what “I” wanted and explained the procedures and solutions involved.After he was done he walked me thru the house for a final evaluation.He even give me a few helpful tips on how to take care of my carpet.I’ve never felt so comfortable,Courteous Carpet Care changed my whole perspective on customer service.THANK YOU COURTEOUS CARPET CARE

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